Anti-Noise Shielding

What is Anti-Noise Shielding?

Anit-Noise Shielding is a high percentage coverage shielded coaxial cable. Shielded coaxial cables are a type of cable structure in which an inner conductor is sleeved in an insulator which is the shielded by a braided metal mesh which is then sleeved again in an insulator. A diagram of this is shown in the picture below.


Advantages of Anti-Noise Shielding: 

  • The Anti-Noise Shielding geometry offers at least 3 layers of shielding for the signal conductor, reducing interference and noise.
  • Anti-Noise Shielding cables do have a unique sound due to the different geometry. Characteristics include improved bass body and extension, emphasized special cues and large soundstaging, as well as excellent imaging and detailing, and low noise floor owing to the multiple layers of shielding.
  • With a coaxial design we’re able to use the metal shield as the ground conductor, as a result, we are able to reduce core count from a typical 4 cores to 2 cores, and reduce core count for 8 cores wires to 4 cores. This is achieved without decreasing effective gauge, allowing us to offer increased conductivity and sound quality.