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Pitch black.

Erebus features a warm yet highly resolving signature. Utilizing an OCC braided shield to reduce noise, Erebus has an extremely black and silent background, resulting in a unique blend of dense note weight and spacious staging. These characteristics combine to offer a heightened sense of realism and immersion. The warm and precise nature of the Erebus also makes it easy to pair, working with a large variety of IEM signatures and especially suited for those looking for a more natural and spacious presentation.



Conductor: 6N OCC Copper

Geometry: Shielded coaxial

Technology: Anti-Noise Shielding

Sleeve: Nylon

True gauge: 26.7 AWG

Resistance (Including Connectors): 0.31Ω

Solder: Custom Blend

Pins: AEC

Jack: Furutech

Default length: 1.2m (Inquire for other lengths)