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The Mira is tuned to be full bodied and balanced with excellent extension on both ends. Utilizing carefully selected mix of different strand sizes specialized for different frequencies, the Mira is delicately balanced, retaining the rich tone of copper while offering a uniquely neutral, tight and revealing sound not commonly found in copper cables. This signature makes the Mira easy to pair with a large variety of IEM sound signatures. The Mira offers a distinctive, almost paradoxical blend of an intimate and lush center image, and a grand, expanded soundstage, depending on what the recording calls for. Expect to uncover the finest details of your music library, presented with an immense sense of scale.


Learn more about the technology behind the Mira here.



Conductor: 7N OCC Copper for signal, Copper & Silver-Plated Copper hybrid mix for ground

Geometry: Multi-gauge, >98% shielded coaxial, Litz

Technology: Dynamic Strand Sizing, Anti-Noise Shielding

Sleeve: Ultrasoft PVC

True gauge: 24.6 AWG (2 wire), 21.6 AWG (4 wire)

Resistance (Including Connectors): 0.14Ω (2 wire), 0.08Ω (4 wire)

Solder: Custom Blend

Pins: AEC

Jack: Furutech

Default length: 1.2m (Inquire for other lengths)