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The one and only.

Representing a generational leap in performance, Singularity is the cumulation of years of development on single dynamic driver earphones. Experience massive bass along with natural midrange and treble timbre. These two characteristics, that usually oppose each other, are balanced to perfection with Singularity and projected onto an expansive and dimensional soundscape. Embrace the entrancing pull of Singularity as it takes dynamic driver earphones to a whole new level of excellence.

Learn more about the the Singularity here.



- Bespoke 10mm Timbre+ Single Dynamic
- Anodised 6000 Series Aluminium
- 43Ω
- 3Hz-20kHz
- Vanguard 2-wire stock cable
- Divinus Velvet and Subtonic House Tips

- Vanguard 2-wire Cable with OE Multi-Plug


  • Vanguard Internal Wiring
  • Mundorf MSolder SUPREME SilverGold
  • Spring-loaded Beryllium-copper 0.78mm 2-pin
Vanguard 2-wire
Conductor: 7N OCC Pure Copper
Geometry: Anti-Noise Shielding
Sleeve: Ultrasoft PVC
True Gauge: 25.6AWG
Resistance (Including Connectors): 0.17Ω
Solder: Custom Silver Blend
Termination: OE Multi-Plug Jack, Tellurium Copper 0.78mm 2pin
Length: 1.2m